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Swiss Biotech Association (SBA) was founded in March 1998. Today about 200 companies are member of the growing national industry association. SBA is the industry association for small and medium-sized enterprises that are active in all areas of biotechnology. It is also a highly resprected networking platform for multinational companies active in the sector. Activities of member companies span different sectors of biotechnology including (bio-) pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agriculture, food, environmental biotechnology, nanotech, nutrition, cosmetics, marine-oriented research and specialty chemicals. The SBA partners with the Swiss life science clusters and manages Swiss Biotech™ - the global brand for the industry. Since 2013, the academic network “biotechnet Switzerland” and the industry network “Swiss Biotech Association” together manage the “National Thematic Network (NTN) Swiss Biotech™” sponsored by the Swiss Commission for Technology & Innovation (CTI). NTN Swiss Biotech™ is a well-functioning network in Switzerland bringing together research institutions and industrial partners in life sciences. The network and its members are committed to collaborating with the CTI and its unique support services.

Czech Biogas Association (CzBA) was founded in January 2007 with the mission to become a national technology platform for the production and use of biogas. CzBA now brings together more than 60 members including leading research institutions, suppliers and technology vendors, operators of biogas plants and other experts from the Czech Republic.

Gate2Biotech, which has the status of an official Czech biotechnology portal , designed especially for biotech companies, suppliers, investors , but also institutions, students and the general public. The portal is dedicated to themes: plant and animal biotechnology, environment, genetics, enzymes, medicine, nanotechnology ..

GlobalCompliancePanel is a training source that delivers diverse, high quality regulatory & compliance trainings. These trainings are simple while being relevant and cost-effective while being convenient. GlobalCompliancePanel imparts knowledge of best practices across a broad range of user-friendly mediums such as webinars, seminars, conferences and tailored, individualized consulting. These help organizations and professionals implement compliance programs that meet regulatory demands and put business processes in place. GlobalCompliancePanel focuses primarily on providing extensive and quality training in these core areas and anything related to them: Risk Management Regulatory Compliances Corporate Governance Quality Management Through the mediums by which we offer trainings, namely webinars, seminars, conferences and consulting, we bring together the regulators or experts on regulation on the one hand, with the community that needs to learn or be aware of those regulations, on the other.

The BioExpert Network is an exclusive network of industry experts in the sectors of life science and investment. We believe in the´wisdom of the crowd´, and your opinion counts. It’s free to apply and you can do as many or as few reviews as you’d like. Once your application is approved, you can begin reviewing proposals right away and helping influence life science.